A Quick Look at Monash University – Caulfield Campus

Monash College

Situated just 10 km from Melbourne CBD in Caulfield Suburb. Monash Caulfield campus is one of 6 Monash Campus in Melbourne and is the 2nd oldest campus with more than 110 thousand students enrolled. The campus is popular for its Business & Economics program especially Marketing. Other courses from Arts and IT disciplines are also offered at the campus.

As you venture inside the campus, you will find that Monash Caulfield is a clump of different buildings that connect with each other. Eventhough it is not as large as Monash Clayton, the interconnected buildings make it easy for students to travel around. Add that with facilities such as Monash Sport, Food Outlets, International Student Support, Library, Bookshop and even club activities, you will find that you dont need a big campus to study in one.

Life in Campus

To add, there are also easy access to  nearby supermarket, various Asian Food such as the popular “Pork Chop on Rice”, Banks, Pubs and Cafes. There are also nearby residential areas ranging from Apartments, Rooming houses etc. Regardless, Monash Caulfield offer a fine environment for student to study and live in. So if you have the chance to visit or you are heading there to study, we know that you’ll have an enjoyable time there.


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