SIS Career Info Day

Singapore International School (SIS) Bona Vista organized a Career Information Day at their school for their student  last Thursday, June 22. Professional education consultants from various universities and education agents also participated in the event including Jakarta International College (JIC).

On the bright morning Thursday, JIC team arrived eariler than planned at SIS Bona Vista thanks to the smooth traffic. A series of booth were placed next to each other along the main entrance of the school and when we found our booth, we quickly unpacked our baggage and began setting up to make it look professional. After we were done, it was not long before students and parents began to pour in and enthusiastically asking about studying at Monash University despite the hot weather.

In addition to the events, many student were also fully informed via presentations from various college, alumnis, guest speakers and many others. When it was JIC turn to present, Mr Ferry Hanson step up and present with charisma. He explained clearly how studying at JIC can not only guarantee a smooth transition to Australia and American University while saving both time and costs, but also helped students to acquire excellent grades while in University and eventually graduates with prospective career.

The day went so fast and without realising, it was already the end of the event. We certainly enjoyed the event as much as the student did. For a quick preview of snapshot of what’s happening at SIS, enjoy the video below. See you at the next event!


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